You precious winners, all

OBVIOUSLY I have dropped the ball the past few weeks in blogging, but there has been infinitely good reason for this!

Well perhaps not infinitely.

Anyway, the last three weeks or so have been super crazy for me because I have had to deal with Spring Break (woooooooo) and a convergence of schoolwork that I hadn’t really scheduled out in any meaningful way.  This PREDICTABLY came back to bite me in the ass.  The title of this post comes from The Winter’s Tale, which I’ve been teaching lately in position as a TA for the college’s Shakespeare class, and it’s been a good time.  I have a very strange relationship to this play, I think, in that I’ve read it a few times now and seen a few productions, and I can never quite get it to gel, but there are little hints in it of something greater.  Perhaps someday I will be able to articulate at length exactly what those hints are????

But also there has been good news.  I’ve mentioned somewhere before that I plan on going to grad school.  The good news is that this is probably happening?  I got a really generous offer from a good program, and they invited me down to check the place.  I spent last weekend slumming around the campus, which at the time was hosting a pretty neat research conference.  I really liked the atmosphere of the English department there, and the faculty were all quite nice, and so I accepted their offer of admission earlier this week.  Once all the paperwork gets hammered out, I’ll move and etc.

Soon I will be able to rant about Shakespeare and I’ll get to say I’m a GRADUATE STUDENT, which makes it totally more plausible that the things I am saying are not bullshit.  Isn’t this exciting, guys?!

Other reasons I have been busy: preparing for a speech I have to give next week and a research conference I’m presenting at halfway through the month, and also another research conference at the end of May.  Oh and I suppose I have to find time to do some classwork and graduate at the end of April.  Needless to say my life is crowded currently, but I am developing a writing itch, by which I mean I haven’t actually written fiction in a while and there are enough ideas bouncing around in my head that one of them will have to be put down pretty soon.  This might (might) be the blog project I mentioned a few entries ago, but that depends on whether or not I can get the specifics to come together.  The beginning is there, and there’s sort of a middle, but nothing like a feasible wrap-up.

And speaking of fiction: I have another story appearing somewhere soon!  I’ll have the link for you here when it drops.  Hopefully it is a story you like!

I will leave you with this video about black metal: