some weird scary stories i’ve written

the curious case of smile.jpg – this is a chain-letter i wrote and posted to 4chan when i was like 20 and it’s the most widely read thing i’ve ever made. i’m not going to link it you can search for it and find a million versions. the red dog is the original image

the army man – something is loose in the wal-mart

the elder pony – a middle school class’s geocities project goes terribly wrong

scrow – a messageboard of scarecrow enthusiasts post themselves into oblivion during the apocalypse

my father’s long, long legs – a man digs in the basement, much to the horror of his family

unWindr – people leave reviews for a very strange corn maze

the uncle who works for nintendo – you are spending the night at a friend’s house, and their uncle works for nintendo

patrick – a conversation with a very sinister man

31 eerie folktales – sort of like a Halloween advent calendar made of posts

the bones picked clean and the clean bones gone – some girls visiting Wales meet a ghost

brutal – a novel i wrote and will publish whenever things are propitious for me to do so. in the meantime you can find the synopsis here