Arcane magazine – OUT NOW!

Hey dudes — do you like stories I write???  Do you like spooky Lovecraftian monsters?  Do you like Southern Gothic?  Then you will probably LOVE my short story “In the Place Where the Tree Falleth”, available in the first issue of Arcane magazine and on sale now!

For the low price of $3 you get an eBook featuring my story as well as several other entertaining weird tales of various tenors and tones, and $8 will net you a hard copy.  This is around 40,000 words of material — that’s half a long novel!  Or all of a short one!  So please, head on over to Arcane and check it out.

2 thoughts on “Arcane magazine – OUT NOW!”

  1. Hey Michael,
    Just wanted to say that I read your story, “In the Place Where the Tree Falleth” in Arcane #1. Loved it! Best story so far in the book, and I’ve read all but the last two. Nice work!

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