Hey cats and kittens

Not much exciting news to relay this week, other than my pal and yours Mr. JOEL GOLBY has finally got off his bum and put up a website for his comics, and you can see it right here.  Super cool!  I’ve known Joel for a while but we met up in person for the first time when I was in London and he bought me Earl Grey.  That’s how you know someone is truly worthy of being your friend and also British!

Also once he drew a picture of me, and it looked like this (I did the colors):

he was! he was RAD!

That is really pretty accurate, just so you know.  Joel is very honest and true-to-life in all his artistic endeavors.

ALSO: I am going to see a production of Comedy of Errors tomorrow night, which will probably be reviewed next Friday.  After that I’m on Spring Break and I maybe will try to initiate a little short fiction project here!  Super exciting, but it depends on how well I can get things to hang together.


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