Yes, yes, it’s not Friday, but there will be a post then.  A special Christmas post!  If you’re a regular reader you can probably guess what I mean when I say a post will be special (it means there will be a story to read).  ANYWAY.

I recently got my final grade/feedback on what amounts to my final senior paper for my major, and it’s good.  However, since my college doesn’t do a traditional thesis, there isn’t really an application for this 30-page essay in terms of scholarship.  It’s basically an extended reflection and meditation on why I chose to study literature.  Starting in January I’ll be serializing the essay here on the blog — a lot of it is about me personally, which isn’t so much my blogging style, but there’s some theory and academia in there as well.

So IF you like the idea of ethics or the ethical study of literature, and also you think Harlan Ellison is a ridiculous human being, then tune in the first Friday in January for this super exciting foray into the fantastical life-affirming bullshit that is my chosen career.  I’m guessing 4-5 parts for this series, but we’ll see how it goes!

And remember, come back this Friday for a holiday gift!  (The Friday after will be mostly a year-in-review post, I am thinking, with probably my favorite quote I’ve pulled from all the theorists I’ve read in the past six months.  Less interesting, but still neat.)

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