Initiate finals week in 3, 2, 1

So hey I go to college!  I used to be pretty secretive about where exactly but given recent links I’ve posted this semester it is not entirely a secret anymore.  So if you want to know what kind of school I go to, you should check out this blog.

Also, because I go to college, I am getting ready to start the first finals week of my senior year.  Oh gosh, guys!  Just think, this time last year I was all freaking out over going to London and basking in the glory of American Psycho… which reminds me, they are making an American Psycho musical.  Isn’t that a terrible idea!  Or maybe the best idea?  If all the songs are done in the style of 80s power ballads or other era-appropriate music is might actually be pretty amusing.

I case you couldn’t tell I don’t have any profound thoughts this week so I’m just collating some links.  Once things wind down I’ll maybe get back to thinking about dumb things to say about popular books or movies, and then we will be right on track!  In the meantime, watch this and think of me.

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