What a day

So shortly after I posted that last entry about Uzumaki, there was a tornado.  (This is intensely ironic if you’ve read the manga.)  Anyway, don’t worry, I’m okay!

But I also just got word that the first short story I’ve sold to the fine folks at Dark Recesses has gone live!  Yes, I sold a story, that was the big news I mentioned a few weeks back.  It is called “Empty Houses” and you can read it here.  It is a story about a robot, and some other things.

Anyone who’s wandered this way from Dark Recesses — hello!  Uh.  If this were me welcoming you into my house, at this point I’d offer tea or lemonade or something, but as it is I’ll just say feel free to poke around and see what sort of inane stuff I ramble about.  If this were me welcoming you into my house, this would be like you going into all the rooms and digging through my stuff — that would be bad, but since this is the internet it’s the way we have to do things.  Read some of my essays I’ve written or follow me on Twitter or something.  Okay?  Cool.

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