the bones picked clean and the clean bones gone

Happy holidays!  In the finest English Yuletide tradition, here’s a Twine ghost story for you, “the bones picked clean and the clean bones gone.”

It should take 20-30 minutes to read through, has two endings, and uses sound on the first page, as well as a few others.  It was sent a few days early to folks who played The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo and either paid what they wanted over, purchased the game’s Horse Armor DLC, or participated in the Amazon Horse Armor Extravaganza Cross-Promotional Event, and their names are listed in the credits.  They are very cool folks.

It has been a weird and pretty incredible year and I am thankful so many people experienced and enjoyed my art!!!


2 thoughts on “the bones picked clean and the clean bones gone”

  1. I loved this game SO MUCH! But I’ve played it twice (making the split decision w/activity) and i don’t know if i found the second ending. is there something i’m missing, another choice somewhere?

    1. Thanks so much Astra! The game has one choice, and that results in two very similar endings — read the final scene closely for either path, and consider what the differences might mean. It’s more a study in literary technique and character development than traditional branching paths.

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