11 thoughts on “my father’s long, long legs”

  1. Just want to drop by and say this is some terrifying, inspiring and really well written fiction.

    I haven’t read The Inn, but Uzumaki is one of those manga that I can’t get out of my head, and I can imagine why you’ve been inspired by Junji Ito.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your game! And for reblogging mine too.

  2. Thanks so much for playing! I very much enjoyed History Lesson (and, as it turns out, Notes on departure, which I’d played before and why your tumblr handle sounded so familiar). Anyway, the reproduction of Twine’s own error code was brilliant — a great way to bring content and medium together.

  3. Seriously again about enjoying your game. I do not enjoy most twine games, and wouldn’t have played it, except I really liked your write up of Cameron’s game. And I am so glad I played it, spooky, funny, etc. It does exactly what you want interactive storytelling to do, and also combines that with a pretty good story, too.

    And glad it can help. If you are interested in those comments about Agamben, you might want to check out my Hypatia article, “Species Trouble” *cough* https://www.dropbox.com/s/nlyxf9qj7zw5yti/Stanescu%20-%20Species%20Trouble.pdf *cough*. But tell me what you are trying to express in your dissertation proposal?

  4. Thank you for your game, or maybe interactive short story. I really enjoyed its oppressive morbid atmosphere. But does it have an alternative ending? The one where you can’t find the brother is creepy, but it left me with an awkward feeling of incompleteness.

    1. Thanks for playing! In response to your question: no, there’s only one ending. I liked it enough that I felt having others detracted from it, and for various other reasons, I chose a more rigid interactive fiction structure of “several paths to reach the same conclusion.”

  5. I’m coming to this late, but it’s easily one of my favourite Twine games.

    I particularly liked the aesthetic of it, for lack of a better term. Are you using a modified version of one of Jonah for this, or did you make your own format?

    1. Thanks! I’m using Jonah, yes, with Leon Arnott’s ever-growing script. The CSS has been totally rewritten, of course, also using Leon’s tagged CSS script.

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