Appendix, and updates

I am deeply indebted to Cameron Kunzelman, who has collated a great majority of smart Bioshock Infinite criticism so it was all waiting for me to read when I finished my spring classes and got to sit down and play the game.

More generally, Kunzelman seems like a very smart dude with a very smart blog, so check that out.

Sparky Clarkson, meanwhile, has some good critiques of the game on a narrative level, how it is potentially confusing and basically a well-presented mess.  In a way, I think he’s right.

Also, thanks to my friend Victor for pointing out that I originally said homonym when I should have said homograph, plus various other typos.

Also also, you may note I have updated this blog’s layout.  I hope it seems less cluttered now.

Also also also, clearly, I have not blogged in a while.  I’m not saying that’s going to change, because it really takes a big event for me to generate material I feel like putting up here.  I do a lot of writing on my own, but it’s boring and I have trouble feeling like this personal blog is the right place for it.

Nevertheless, rest assured I am still in grad school, still studying early modern drama.  I’ve been delving more deeply into “posthumanist” philosophies lately, using them to think through a time period wherein “humanism” as we understand it was an anachronism.  I have an advisor who thinks I could do neat things with this project.

As perhaps the writeup of Bioshock Infinite suggests, I am also using this to ponder also my old concern about the ethics of fiction and entertainment.  How do these tell us who we are, who we are not, who we almost were?  Interesting questions.

I’m taking Latin this summer.

I’m thinking of making a Twine Game about a haunted house.

See you around, hopefully!

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