My way or the Hemingway

Today is the last day of classes, with next week being finals.  I only have one final, as it turns out — Computer Science, which should be easy enough, except for the mathy bits.  Apart from that I have a writing portfolio I need to get finished up (there’s a play I’m writing that’s really kicking my ass) and an essay on Bret Easton Ellis’s Lunar Park.

A note on how much of a nerd I am: I write all my papers a week before they’re due, or I try to.  This gives me time to proof throughout the week and basically refine the paper.  Most of the time I manage it, but this Lunar Park essay is the single instance this semester of me not meeting my self-imposed deadlines.  This is not because I don’t want to write the paper — I really do, in fact, and I’m very excited about it, because if you thought I was giving Ellis too much credit for American Psycho then just wait until I find the time/excuse to write up a blog entry about Lunar Park.*  Things just keep getting in the way — a lot of other, shorter papers for the same class or other classes, and me making the decision to drink a lot of wine before trying to write some of these papers and then spending far too much time revising because while writing intoxicated I end up with lines like “His middle-class Marxism they are very important to the social context of the pickle factory.”

So Hemingway I ain’t.

On other fronts, the journey to Mother England draws ever closer.  I’ve finally received information about my host family and they seem like Good People.  We also got our class schedules and, unlike every other jerk from my school who is taking Contemporary Theater, I took the way cooler route and got myself a class titled Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature.  The naming is important to me because it means, hopefully, we’ll have the chance to look at some other Elizabethan writers I’m not as familiar with as I think I should be — specifically Marlowe, since somehow I’m more conversant in Spenser and Sidney than him, and more Jonson would be super, too.

[*This probably won’t happen if my essay turns out well, though.  If I pull it off then I’ll probably make it into a writing sample for grad school applications, and since it will encompass almost everything I find absolutely goddamned fascinating about the novel I don’t want to get into some weird self-plagiarism cock-up if someone decides to Google my essay.]

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