New Esme entry.

Over on Esme’s blog things are taking a sour turn this April Fool’s Day.  No fiction excerpt this time, unfortunately but May should see that problem remedied.  A friend of mine remarked that he always thought “Esmeralda Sinn” was a pen name, though today’s entry seems to prove otherwise.  We’ll, he’s half right.  I’ll tell you right now that the “Esmeralda” is the pseudonym; I find the idea of a Sinn family much too hilarious to pass up.If you’ve been following the blog then perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve begun to insert continuity and an overarching plot into Esme’s entries.  I am definitely building up to something big, and as today’s entry shows, it is probably going to be the end of Esmeralda Sinn.  This has been met with some outcry, but I assure you that I have good reasons.

First of all, writing an Esme story, though quick and easy, is formulaic as hell: “Unlikely type of lycanthrope fucks tenuously characterized female protagonist, plus puns.”  If you remove the pun, then you basically have a normal supernatural romance story.  And if you think those things are by and large boring and derivative (as I most assuredly do) then you can imagine what it must be like to write them.  (And, probably, for you to read them.)  That’s why since December Esme’s entries have been dominated either by her daily life, excerpts of other authors’ works, and even… The Metabrophosis.  We haven’t had a good old-fashioned Esme entry since November, and it’s kind of awkward.  This is because essentially there is not a good way for me to make Esme’s blog not insanely predictable, so I’m shaking things up while it still matters.

The other reason is that writing from Esme’s point of view is becoming steadily more depressing.  While she is certainly a figure to be mocked, the more I write about her the more I realize she has reasons for acting as she does.  And while the reasons are melodramatic and ridiculous and laughable, it’s also just the tiniest bit tragic.  But I’m getting ahead of myself; you’ll all know more about that this October.

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