Jonathan Safran Foer is a spambot

I get a lot of spam comments and sometimes they sound like Jonathan Safran Foer was writing them in the voice of a Ukrainian translator.  Observe:

Hello there! My title is john I am a 20 many years old pupil. I really like to read. I don’t have a good deal of time.  That is why I realized speed reading programs, I Believe that when you go through lots of books and megazines you’ve to learn the skill of speed reading. Just to be able to examine better and quicker. anyway, I hope you’ll continue to maintain this internet site.  this is really a great place and I am certain I’ll be back within the near long term once more.

And of course

How do you get over writers obstruct?

How do I, indeed, spambot.

Anyway, there’s more on this Harry Potter class issues thing, this time all the way over at the New Yorker.  It says basically the stuff I said re: Maria Bustillos’s article, but it doesn’t go on at length and also it’s on the website of a famous and widely read magazine so what the writers says actually has meaning or value or whatever.

I am done with my classes, by the way, and we’ll probably get back to meatier entries sometime soon!

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